Just Launched: Finding the Resurrected Jesus with Susan Goff

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He is Risen! A joyful Easter to all of you!

Bishop Susan Goff of the Diocese of Virginia has created a class called Finding the Resurrected Jesus For Individuals and For Groups. Like Mary in the garden or the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we do not always recognize the resurrected Christ when we see him in our daily lives.

In this class, Bishop Goff teaches us how to recognize Jesus when we encounter him in our lives — at the movies, in the created world, in one another. She emphasizes that in order to hear the voice of Christ, we need to listen for it, and in order to recognize Christ in the world when we encounter him, we need to look for him.

Experience the wonder of the Easter season through the words of Bishop Goff, and see the world around you in a new way as you look for the face of Jesus in the world.

For a preview, please click below.

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