Just Launched: Re-Inventing Your Church Board with Dan Hotchkiss


Today, we launched Re-Inventing Your Church Board with Dan Hotchkiss For Individuals and For Groups. Dan Hotchkiss worked as a senior consultant at the Alban Institute for many years before he became an independent consultant for congregations in the process of discerning the next steps they need to take to grow and thrive. Now he works alongside some other former Alban Institute consultants with with the Congregational Consulting Group  assisting congregations in matters of leadership, strategic and financial planning, adjusting to size transitions, and with other challenges that churches face today. He also wrote a book on church governance called Governance and Ministry. Basically, if your church is concerned about matters of planning or leadership, Dan is the guy you want.

Dan’s class deals with effective governance. It’s a terrific resource for congregations that want to update or rethink their approach to church management and leadership. In this class, Dan offers some strategic ways of thinking about governing in a church that promote clear communication and guidance between governing boards and the people who do the work of ministry in the church. He suggests ways to conceptualize the work of the board, the delegation of tasks, and effective evaluation of how particular strategies are working as church projects develop. In the process of articulating his ideas, Dan addresses common problems that church governing boards often face and suggests specific responses to them.

Any church or nonprofit organization that is considering a new approach to governance and leadership will benefit from this class. To learn more about it, please enjoy this preview.


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