Just Launched: Holy Hardware with Deon Johnson


Corporal? Tabernacle? Paten? Presence Light? If your response to these terms is the say, “The corporal did what?” or “I’ve heard that term, but…” then consider taking our new class, Holy Hardware with Deon Johnson For Individuals and For Groups. In this class, the Rev. Johnson, rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brighton, Michigan and contributor to liturgical development for the national church, discusses the meaning and purpose of the sacred objects that we use in liturgy.

The Episcopal liturgy is rich with symbolism and what the poet George Herbert called “the beauty of holiness.” While one certainly can appreciate the liturgy without necessarily being aware of the layers of meaning that we have ascribed to the sacred materials and spaces in the church, the experience becomes richer once we consider the symbolic role of the font, the holy water, the altar, and once we think about how we interact with the sacred bread and wine.

The Rev. Johnson discusses these and other church spaces and materials in this class, and he also discusses the act of making something sacred, of setting it apart and treating it with reverence because it connects us to God and to generations of fellow Christians. Participants in this class will come away with a new understanding and appreciation of the liturgy.

Interested in learning more? Check out this preview.

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