Just Launched: Digital Strategies for Churches

instructorToday, we launched Digital Strategies for Churches for individuals and for groups. Today’s digitally oriented world offers unheard-of resources for churches, and new responsibilities as well. Churches must decide what kind of places they want to build for themselves in the online community as well as in their physical communities. How can your church best utilize social media to reach out to newcomers and support the parish community? What about navigating the vast online devotional, educational, and prayer resources available on the internet? Churches need to strategize abut these issues and others as they navigate the ever-expanding world of internet technology.

Join Kyle Oliver as he offers guidelines for utilizing online resources and living into digital opportunities for church growth. Kyle is the Digital Missioner for the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary and a curator for the Faith Formation Learning Exchange. He is also an assistant at St. Paul’s Parish in Washington, DC, where his work focuses on pastoral care. His professional life, in short, orients very much around the space where Christian faith development meets technology, and he has many insights to offer.

Learn with Kyle how your church can create a strategy for making the most of the internet. To learn more about the class, click here for a preview.

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