Just Launched: Approaching Scripture with Vicki Garvey

Approaching Scripture

The Bible is a library of writings in different genres composed over thousands of years by hundreds of different people, originally written in two different, ancient languages, neither of which many contemporary Christians speak or read. Through this collection of books,¬†Christians believe God guides our prayers, faith, and religious understanding. It is hardly surprising that some people of faith wonder how to approach the Bible; it can be confusing — even intimidating.

In Approaching Scripture, Vicki Garvey, a longtime, respected Christian educator and Canon for Lifelong Education at the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago offers guidance on how to approach scripture in ways that will help all Christians gain understanding and wisdom from reading it and/or listening to it. This class is productive for all Christians and might be particularly useful to people who are looking for a new understanding of the Bible; for new ways to inform their reading of the Bible. Approaching Scripture for Groups offers rich learning and discussion opportunities for Bible study groups and adult Christian formation groups.

Interested in finding out more? Enjoy this preview.


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