The Big Class Has Taken Off!

big class on fire

As of today, we have 836 people from twelve countries taking The Big Class: A Christian Response to Gun Violence. (And that doesn’t count congregations that are taking the class in groups.) Almost all of the students who have commented on the course so far have said that the class was well worth the time they spent taking it. “I enjoyed the video presentations, and the questions really gave me food for thought,” says one student. “I liked the concept of the unholy trinity and liked the discussion showing…some possible ways to enter into facing the whole issue of violence in our culture” says another. A strong majority of the students who have taken the course have said that the course gave them new information or perspectives on the issue that had not occurred to them before.

The class is reaching people, changing their ideas, and moving them to care about this important issue! Thanks be to God!

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