Top 7 Ways to Spread the News About the Big Class

Carrier Pigeon Big Class

If you are looking forward to taking The Big Class: A Christian Response to Gun Violence with Bishops Eugene Sutton and Ian Douglas, don’t keep it to yourself!  Spread the word! Let others know that it’s happening! Remember to tell them that it’s free, takes only 45 minutes, and doesn’t involve fancy software or computer expertise.

  1. Tell your church! Let your rector and associate rectors know! Tell the outreach commission!  And the Christian education committee!  You might even make it a parish event and take the class with others in your congregation!
  2. Tell your friends online! Tweet them, Facebook update them, blog about it, post it on message boards. Create a Pintrest craft based on it! Instagram a photo about it!big class awesome
  3. Share our page about The Big Class. That way, people will have easy access to information about it and can click to sign up with no trouble. (This step can be combined with step #2.)
  4. Put an announcement in your church bulletin! You can even use our bulletin inserts and give the information in one easy-to-take-home page.
  5. Put up posters! At your church, at other people’s churches, at your college, at your local coffee shop. You don’t even have to create them! Just use these!
  6. Tell any groups that you know that resist gun violence in the community about it. Tell them to spread the word!
  7. Send out carrier pigeons. Who wouldn’t want to take a class that they heard about via carrier pigeon?

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