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Welcome to this season of preparation that points us past the halls of power and affluence and into a stable where a lowly manger harbors the hope of the world.

Our Savior was born into an incredibly unjust society. He dedicated his life to changing that. And calls us to do the same.

ChurchNext and Trinity Institute have teamed up to offer an Advent resource that can help our congregations learn more about economic injustice in our world and, perhaps more importantly, do something about it.

Four online classes are suitable for the four weeks of Advent, here are the titles and instructors:

Economic Inequality with Julio Murray, Anglican bishop of the Diocese of Panama
Christian Responsibility with Rachel Held Evans, Evangelical blogger
Educational Inequality with Nicole Baker Fulgham, Education advocate
– A Christian Response with Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury (Releases 11/23)

Each course takes an average student 45 minutes to work through and includes video lectures, quizzes, discussion questions, and downloads. They are suitable for personal and group use. Individual courses are $10 and unlimited monthly subscriptions are $15. ChurchNext congregational subscribers have these courses available to their communities on their release dates.

Tim SchenckIntroducing Advent with Tim Schenck

We are also greatly joyed to bring you a wonderful, and wonderfully entertaining, introduction to this holy season in the words and wit of the ineffable Tim Schenck (who actually paid us to preface his name that way).

As we know, Advent is a season of great anticipation both inside and outside of the Church. While the world around us shops, cooks, and prepares for December 25, Christians have their own way of anticipating the birth of Jesus.

In this class, Episcopal priest and author Tim Schenck will open up our imaginations to the magic of this holy time of year. In this class, we will learn:

  • What is Advent?
  • What are the themes of Advent?
  • Main characters of Advent
  • How should we observe Advent in Church and at Home

Tim Schenck is the author of a newish book with our partners Forward Movement, called A Dog in the Manger. This course is appropriate for those who are new to the church year, as well as those who are familiar, but are looking for a refresher.

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