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One of the goals we work toward is to help the local church recapture it’s traditional place in society as a ‘go-to’ place for religious education – a place where the religiously curious can find reliable answers to life questions. This is why we build online schools for congregations – allowing local congregations to offer classes in faith that take advantage of the three attractive pillars of online learning: expert teaching, convenience, and affordability. That said, we are continually working to make this experience the best it can be – for learners and congregations. Today’s post announces a just-launched upgrade that allows our congregational subscribers better ways to connect and keep track of the students in their schools.

Activity 1


We’re thrilled to offer details on this new feature – that will help our congregational subscribers better monitor the activity of the students in their schools. Simply go to the ‘Manage School’ tab and you’ll find a new tab on the left called ‘Activity.’ Click there and you’ll be able to access an incredible amount of information organized just the way you want to see it.

Start by hitting the ‘All Activity’ button at the top.  Here you can segment by Question, Answer, Completed Steps, New Students and All Activity.  Then hit the ‘for every’ tab and that allows you to segment by hour, day, week, and month.

Activity 2

This update also means you can also monitor activity in a specific class more effectively.  Just click on the class, then navigate to the ‘People’ tab in the upper right. Here you’ll be able to segment activity in the same way, using the ‘Viewing’ and ‘for every’ drop down menus.  You’ll also see an updated ‘Progress Report’ next to ‘Activity’ which allows you to view, quite quickly, the progress your students are making.  Also, notice that the ‘Class Settings’ button has been made more conspicuous and is located under the ‘+Invite Someone’ button in the upper right.

This update opens up a brand new horizon for monitoring all of the activity you deem as important with just a few clicks.  It’s another one of the updates we’re rolling out in the weeks ahead to help you make better disciples in your congregations.


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