New Course: How to Pray with Christopher Martin

Here are just a few of the beautiful insights from this course on How to Pray, taught by the Reverend Christopher Martin:

Our spirits expand — and our capacity for happiness increases — through prayer.”

“Prayer reorients us to the fact that we are not alone.”c martin

“Set love in order in me,” says the bride to the bridegroom in Song of Songs.  Prayer is our way of asking, “O Lord, make me love the things that you would have me love.”  It sets our disordered loves — and lives — in order.

Episcopal priest, author, and teacher Christopher Martin has taught hundreds of people to pray through his ministry as a pastor as well as his work with The Restoration Project, an intentional discipleship program aimed at bringing people to deeper places of knowing God.

This course is sponsored by Forward Movement and is a good companion to Christopher’s book called The Restoration Project: A Benedictine Path to Wisdom, Strength and Love

In this class, Christopher offers some advice on how, when, and where to pray; how to make daily solitary prayer a habit; and why prayer matters.  The four lessons are

  • What is Prayer?
  • Varieties of Prayer
  • What Does Prayer Do?
  • Benefits of Prayer

We invite you to consider this fantastic new course, both as an introduction to an intentional, healthy prayer life and as a thought-provoking reminder for those who already have an active prayer life.  Click here for more information or to register!

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