Partnership Launched to Bring ‘Introducing the Book of Common Prayer’ Online Classes

Boy, this is an exciting announcement for us and all of our subscribers and students because one of the more consistent comments we get from folk is to provide them with a higher level of educational rigor. Well, here you go:

Bexley Seabury and Church Next are teaming up to present an eight-part series on the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer that will be easily available to anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone and an Internet connection.

Led by President Roger Ferlo of Bexley Seabury, the series will be available by the end of July at

“I am delighted to be involved in our first partnership with a seminary and our first offering of academic level content,” said the Rev. Chris Yaw, founder of ChurchNext, which promotes Christian formation through online classes with some of the best teachers and practitioners in the world.  “This series is perfect for Christian education classes, but people can also participate on their own time and at their own pace because all of the presentations will be available for viewing online at any time,” he said. Each of the eight courses will take an average learner about 45 minutes to complete.

Ferlo said the series will help participants develop “an easy familiarity with the Prayer Book” and equip them to cultivate “a personal ‘rule of life’ centered in Prayer Book practices such as praying the Daily Office and observing the church calendar.” “People who take this course will emerge with a firm understanding of how important the sacrament of baptism is to the Episcopal tradition. We hope they will develop a deeper commitment to the ministry of all believers in advancing God’s mission of justice, mercy, and reconciliation in the world,” he said.

The course will be taught by Ferlo, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Ferguson, dean of Bexley Hall; and Bexley Seabury faculty including the Rev. Dr. John Dally, the Rev. Dr. Jason Fout, Professor Milner Seifert and the Rev. Dr. Ellen Wondra. “This is an exciting venture for Bexley Seabury,” Ferlo said. “ChurchNext is an excellent partner for us as we continue to develop new ways to bring high level theological education to ever-broader audiences.”

The course will be available to congregations that subscribe to ChurchNext for free and to individuals for $10 per course, or for an unlimited, $15/mo individual membership. “This is an extremely convenient, cost effective, and professional way to provide first-rate Christian formation materials to people around the world,” Yaw said.

Keep tuned to this blog and our site as we roll these classes out – we’ve already taped 3 of them and are on track to begin the roll out next month.

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  1. This is very exciting news for all! Have you determined yet what the window of opportunity will be for taking the course? Some comments for the free classes indicated that some needed more than just one week to complete it…I know, I know, it was only a 45 minute class! But answering questions and commenting and reading others’ comments added considerably to the total time for some of us.
    Also, hint…hint! I would love to have Dr. Wondra’s Canon Law class available through Church Next, also. It would be a valuable teaching and tool for clergy and laypeople alike who want to stay current with Episcopal Church canons and for those who work on Diocesan Canons. Any chance of that in the future?

    • Hi Pam!
      Great to hear from you – none of these classes will be like The Big Class, which was offered for free for a week – they’ll all be available under our current $15/mo unlimited individual plan and our $59/mo congregational plan – this will allow people as much time as they need to complete it.
      Also, I’ll speak with Ellen when we’re together in a few weeks – keep in mind we have about 200 classes on the drawing board as it is – and while launching a class a week sounds like a lot – there are lots more, like your suggestion, that we’d like to be turning out as well. Thanks for your comment!

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