Available Now: Making Sense of the Cross Part 1 with David Lose

davidloseThis course was a huge success as our Lenten “Big Class,” which ran for free from Ash Wednesday to March 12.   Over 1500 people from 23 countries took the course together; in the optional survey at the end, 94% were either “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with the course!

Now, it’s available to add to your church’s online school or to take as an individual.  Click here for more information:  Making Sense of the Cross Part One

Making Sense of the Cross, Part One — with David Lose

The most profound event of human history is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Far more people are puzzled about the Cross than would claim to understand it. In this course author, theologian, and pastor David Lose inspires us to think deeply about what Jesus’ cross might mean to you and me. David says that the best way to make sense of the cross is not through theories but through experience. This course includes three lectures in which David talks about:

  • The Cross and Experience
  • The Cross and Forgiveness
  • The Cross and Atonement

This class is the online learning version of the Augsburg Fortress DVD-based curriculum of the same name so if you have used these fine materials before, this will be very familiar.

There are actually three parts to the online learning version of Making Sense of the Cross. This course is the first. Part II is called The Bible and the Cross and will be available March 23. Part III is called Theories of the Cross and will be available March 30. None of these videos is downloadable; however there are text and mp3 files included with the classes that you may download.

If you would prefer to purchase the 6-part Augsburg Fortress DVD-based series, click here.

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