The Big Class with Michael Curry is Off and Running

Bishop Curry photoAt 9am more than 1,800 people from 21 countries were off and running – to learn more about Christ’s serious call to discipleship in a course entitled ‘How to Be a Crazy Christian.’

This free course will be moderated tonight by Bishop Curry from 6-9p EST.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to expose people to an online learning experience that can deeply affect their lives. As we know, online learning is garnering huge investment from universities, corporations, and non-profits as we all look for ways to more effectively, conveniently, and affordably, get information across to folk – and in our case – transform lives.  It’s still an uncertain frontier, and that means pioneering is needed.

We’re thankful for the people who’ve signed up for this course – and served as pioneers.  We’ve included an evaluation as part of the class to help us improve. We’re also thankful for the sponsors who’ve signed on to bring us this far – Bexley/Seabury, Forward Movement, Church Publishing, Inc, and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. If you’d like to take the course you can sign up here.

0 thoughts on “The Big Class with Michael Curry is Off and Running

  1. I cannot find what, where or how Bp. Curry is moderating.
    I expected to see him live – but I cannot even find him ‘chatting’.
    I am very disappointed.

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