Course Highlight: Introduction to Epiphany

Sharon Ely PearsonEpiphany is more than just a season to return Christmas presents. It’s a time to discover the ways God is revealing truth in our lives. This course tells us not only what Epiphany is, but how it can better our lives.

It is the season of the Star. Epiphany brings us the Three Wise Men and the revelation that this baby born in a manger is much more than your average infant. Epiphany is a time for us to find the various ways God reveals God’s self in our lives.

In this course we’ll learn:

What is Epiphany?
What are the themes of Epiphany?
How should we observe Epiphany?
How does Epiphany better our lives?

This course is perfect for those who are new to the Christian year, as well as long-time Christians who are looking for a refresher course on the subject.

Sharon Ely Pearson is a gifted educator and author of several books including The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education. She works as the Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing Incorporated where she curates the websiteBuilding Faith.

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