New Course: Why I Am Not an Atheist with Frank Schaeffer

Frank ShaefferIs atheism a belief system in itself? Author and speaker Frank Schaeffer says yes. And in this course he explains why belief in Christ makes better sense of the world than no belief at all.

Atheism and fundamentalism have more in common than one might think, says Frank Schaeffer. Both, he reasons, are simplistic and unsatisfying ways to deal with the complex questions of faith and spirituality.

In this course, Frank defines atheism for us, tells us why it’s so appealing to people today, and explains why he rejects atheism in favor of a Christian understanding of the world.

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This course is perfect for those who are wrestling with atheism, or with Christianity.

Frank Schaeffer is a popular speaker, artist, and author, most recently of the book, And God Said, “Billy!”

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