New Course: Growing Old with Grace (Not Glamour) with Barbara Crafton

Barbara CraftonGrowing old is a gift from God that some people would rather not accept. In this introspective and challenging course, author, minister, and popular speaker Barbara Crafton shares profound insights into how Christians can cope with aging.

We live in an age-defying culture where youth is worshipped and aging is uncool. However, as we all know, aging is not to be avoided. In fact, we do well to embrace it.

In this course, Crafton shares reflections that inform, entertain, and challenge us to live into our age with joy and wonder. She addresses:

  • The Aging Process
  • Letting Go of Youth
  • Advantages of Growing Old
  • Grace Not Glamor

This course is designed not simply for older people, but younger people who are interested in pondering what lies ahead. Click here to learn more about this course and how to take it.

The Rev. Barbara Crafton is an Episcopal priest, popular speaker, and author of several books, including the upcoming Church Publishing Incorporated book, The Courage to Grow Old.

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