New Course: Living a Spiritual Life with Mary Gray-Reeves

MG ReevesPeople look to live a more spiritual life for a variety of reasons – most having to do with improving their quality of life. In this class Episcopal bishop and theologian Mary Gray-Reeves tells us what the spiritual life is and how we might pursue it in this insightful new ChurchNext course.

Mary Gray-Reeves defines spirituality as the exploration of the fullness of life, all things seen and unseen.

And while one need not believe in God to be spiritual, the Western understanding of spirituality is directly related to religion. In this course, we will ponder more deeply what is meant by “spirituality,” how spirituality is interwoven with grace, how the basic beliefs of Christianity are united by the common thread of this grace, and how nurturing our own spirituality is really for the benefit of those with whom we are in relationship. Though we may have different motivations for seeking a deeper spirituality, we all have the capacity for growth and wisdom.

This course is perfect for novices who are looking for ways to live more deeply into the spiritual life.

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