New Course: Grieving Well

Andrew GernsHave you suffered a tragic loss – or know someone who has? While tragedies often motivate us to seek grief support, the truth is we grieve everyday. So says pastor and chaplain Andrew Gerns, who also says we each handle grief in our own unique ways. Usually we get over loss on our own, though there are times when taking to a professional and using medication may be needed.

In this course, Gerns tells us what grieving well looks like. He walks us through the four tasks of grief, and gives us helpful tips and strategies for getting over loss. And he tells us what positive and negative signs look like and how to address them.

This course is perfect for those who are getting through loss, as well as those who care for others who are grieving.  Click here to learn more about this course and how to take it.

The Rev. Andrew Gerns is an experienced hospital and hospice chaplain who has led numerous bereavement groups. He is the rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton, PA.

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