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Epiphany: Introducing John

Move through Epiphany with new friends from around the world as you gather to study the Gospel of John! It’s taught on the ChurchNext platform, incorporating zoom meeting technology. Click here to register and find out more!

There are the three synoptic gospels — and John, the odd man out. From its first line: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” John’s Gospel proves as challenging as it is unique.

For six weeks this Epiphany, meet with other students from around the world for a live, online class on the Gospel of John with Vicki Garvey, a respected teacher and author and Canon for Lifelong Education at the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

In this class, Vicki will teach us about the author, origin, setting, and message of the Gospel of John. Classes will meet live on Thursday nights via zoom from January 23-February 27, and they will last an hour.

This class is ideal for people participating in the Good Book Club 2020, and for anyone interested in learning more about the Gospel of John.

CONGREGATIONAL SUBSCRIBERS, PLEASE NOTE: It will not work properly to add a live class to your school as you would one of our recorded classes. Live courses require consistent updates that you will not receive once you have added the course to your school. Your parishioners CAN, however, take this live class for free with your subscription. Email to get your parishioners free access to this course.

This class runs alongside an initiative called The Good Book Club, which encourages people to read John’s Gospel during the season of Epiphany.