Certification Programs

ChurchNext offers opportunities for people to earn certification in topics of particular interest to them by taking a series of related courses on those topics. At present, we offer two certification programs: our Vestry Certification Program, which is designed to help vestry members begin or continue their ministry with some expert  training in how to pursue it; and our Prayer Book Studies Program, which is designed to offer in-depth understanding of the Book of Common Prayer. Once coursework has been completed participants receive signed certificates indicating that they have completed the program successfully.
The Programs:
Certification in Vestry Leadership
“The Jesus Movement needs strong, wise lay leaders working together with clergy to move forward the work of evangelism, racial reconciliation and the care of God’s creation. This impressive course can help make that happen.”  The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry – Presiding Bishop & Primate of The Episcopal Church

“Strong, faithful and informed lay leadership is essential to the future of our changing church.  The ChurchNext series of courses for Vestry leaders offers a robust, thorough introduction to the joys and challenges of Vestry leadership.” Roger Ferlo – Bexley Seabury Seminary

“This is a convenient, practical way to gain essential information for new and veteran vestry members.” – Bishop Kirk Smith, Episcopal Diocese of Arizona

“I know of no better way to equip both new and veteran vestry leaders with the essential information and skills needed to serve their congregations than the four classes that result in the ChurchNext Certificate in Vestry Leadership.” – Scott Stoner, Living Compass

“These courses offer vestry member down-to-earth information that will support their ministries in daily, practical ways.  They are easily accessible, convenient and helpful for new vestry members and veterans, individuals and groups.” – Bishop Suffragan Susan Goff, Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

“I heartily recommend these courses, as they bring renewed focus to the significant ministry of Vestry members, based on the principle that spiritually vital congregations grow with spiritually engaged leaders (clergy and lay). Thanks be to God for this focus on the call of Vestry members to be spiritual leaders, helping Vestry members to experience service on the vestry as sustaining and nourishing.” – The Rev. Jay Sidebotham, Director of RenewalWorks

Cert 1

If the health of a congregation is related to the quality of its leadership, then educating our leaders on key areas of their work is critical.

That’s why we’ve produced an online curriculum specifically designed both to train new leaders and to help veteran vestry members hone their leadership skills.

It’s the ChurchNext Certificate in Vestry Leadership.

Students and vestries can earn a certificate by completing all four, 45-minute courses, which will take an average learner a total of 3 hours. The courses are also available in a For Groups format, making them ideal for small group learning in vestry retreats or regular vestry meetings.

Earn a certificate by completing these four courses. Click on them for a course description including a video preview:

Again, each course is available in two formats, For Individuals and For Groups. Successfully complete all of them and receive your custom Certificate in Vestry Leadership.

Certification in Prayer Book Studies

BCP Cert

The Book of Common Prayer is enormously important in the formation of Episcopalians. For years, we hear the words of the prayer book weekly; sometimes daily. We use its words during the most important ceremonies of our lives — baptism, marriage, over the graves of loved ones. Its words help frame how we think about God’s role in our lives.

For this reason, it behooves us to think about this book very seriously. Who wrote these words that have such an impact on how we think about faith? Why was the prayer book originally written? Who decides what to include in the prayer book? What is the history of the creeds, collects, and other prayers that it includes? How does the prayer book approach and incorporate scripture? How can we use it to deepen our faith?

All these questions and more are addressed in the following classes:

The prayer book certification classes are brought to us by our partners at Bexley Seabury Federation, an Episcopal center for learning and development.

These courses can form the basis of a small group study or a curriculum for individual study because each course is available in two formats, For Individuals and For Groups. Successfully complete all of them and receive your custom Certificate in Prayer Book Studies.

Certification Courses Are Affordable
For Individuals:
$9/mo – Subscribe –  Complete all your course work within a month and that’s all you pay.
$40 – À la carte – Purchase each For Individuals course for $10 each without having to subscribe. You’ve got 6 months to complete your course work.

For Groups:
$29/mo – Subscribe – Unlimited use for all of your students via our Congregational subscription.
$60 – À la carte – Purchase each For Groups course for $15 each without having to subscribe and use them for a group of any size.

We join with you and other leaders in our church who understand that healthy congregations begin with healthy leaders, and if we can help form and shape them via this learning tool, we will hope to see Christ more heartily at work in our midst.

If you have any questions we’re available anytime at 888-963-9328 OR hello@churchnext.tv